Say “I Love You” in a Different Language

Take a look at the new board up on the wing! This Valentine’s Day themed board will show you how to tell a special friend that you love them in a different language. There are 10 different ways here on this board! #Diversity


Chestnut Ski Trip!

Thanks to all who came out to Chestnut Friday evening. Matt, RA of 6 East, everyone who joined, and I had a blast hitting the slopes! It was a pretty tiring night but definitely a great workout and overall great time! #Health

Ski Trip

Same Ocean, Different Fish

Check out the board in the elevator room!! This Finding Nemo themed board has different facts of the diversity of the UW-Platteville campus. There are stats of the number of males and females, stats of the different people in the colleges, stats of the different race/ethnicity on campus, and as well the different ages just to name a few. #Diversity

Same Ocean Different Fish

Finals Study Time

Thanks to all that came down to the MPR this afternoon. We had all had a productive finals study time in a controlled quiet atmosphere that sometimes can be hard to find before finals week. I wish everyone luck in finals week! #APlaceToBelong

Closing Checkout Board!

Hey everybody, if you missed out at the wing meeting or forgot something that I said, checkout this board located on the wall to the left of suite 406. It has all great information on what needs to be done before you can checkout next week. If you have a question though and it isn’t on there, don’t hesitate to ask me! #Knowledge

Closing Board2017