Astonishment Show with Mat LaVore!

CPR event 9911

Had an awesome time with fellow Southwest hall staff and residents with a night of magic and astonishment. Mat LaVore puts on a show with magic, hypnotism, and mind reading. It was amazing seeing him able to guess what people were thinking and get people to forget their own names! Next week is comedy night, hope to see everyone there! #APlacetoBelong



Opening Door Decs

Since this years theme for Southwest Hall is state fair, and the 4th floor theme is rides, the opening door decs are UWP color themed bumper cars. This will hopefully make for an interesting way to help everyone get to know each others name on the wing. Looking forward to great a great year with all of you! #APlacetoBelong

door decs 4 east 1

Online Resources Crossword Bulletin Board!

For the first bulletin board of the year, and my first one of all time,  I did an online resource crossword puzzle. This board is geared to get my residents re-engaged with the common campus online resources and to challenge them to solve a couple difficult ones and to be informed. So give it a try and check your answers in the bottom left hand corner! There a short description of where each resource is can also be found with the answers. #Knowledge

bullentin board 4 east 1

Center Bulletin Board – Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the 2017-2018 school year!! As you exit the elevators take¬† a stop at the bulletin in the lobby. There our residents can learn a bit about Becca and I on our “Ride into the Semester with your RA’s” Southwest State Fair themed bulletin board. Catch us on the rides! #APlaceToBelong


4th floor bullentin board 1

Door decs for May

My last set of door decs were my Milwaukee Brewer ones I had from the beginning of the year. One thing I think of during the summertime is baseball and nothing says baseball better than some sweet new brewers logos! #aplacetobelong

Hallway board- holidays

Our most recent elevator at board for 4th floor was the holiday board. I put up various holidays celebrated around the world. These holidays show the significance of their countries culture and what their values are. I certainly learned a thing or two putting this board up. #diversityinclusion

Taste of the world

Last night the RA team and I helped put on an event where all of the floors of the building represented continents of the world. Robyn’s and my floor was Europe. We made scones, pretzels, and croissants. #diversityinclusion