Star Wars Door Decs

In light of the upcoming new Star Wars movie, enjoy these classic Star Wars logo door decs. The new movie gets released Friday, December 15th. Go out and see it before the start of finals week! #APlacetoBelong



Pumpkin Pie Door Decs

Here comes a new round of door decs. These fall themed door decs show that we all may be different pieces of a pie, but we are all different pieces of the same pie no matter our differences. Once all the pieces are put together, it all completes the pie. #Diversity/Inclusion

Pumpkin Pie

Cake Walk 2k17

Thanks to everyone that made it down to cake walk! It was a blast and there were a lot of happy faces winning some excellent baked goods. People could either win by doing the cake walk or by playing bags in the lobby. Majority of the proceeds from this fundraiser are going to the Grant County Humane Society! #APlacetoBelong


Say Boo to the Flu

Happy Halloween! As the cold weather starts to make its way back to Platteville, so does the flu season. So come check out this spooky Halloween themed bulletin board to get some helpful tips on how to stay healthy during this flu season! #Health

Halloween BD