A+ Door Decs

Check out these last door decs for the semester! They have an A+ on them because all of you will do awesome on your finals! In addition, enjoy the smarties that are attached to the door decs. Good luck on finals week! #APlaceToBelong


Resume Tips!

Check out the last center board of the semester on 4th floor! You know how the last one was on cover letters? Well guess what this one is on! You guessed it, resume tips! This board to keep going with the cover letter theme has some good resume tips for when you build a resume. So give it a look to see steer you in the right direction for your next resume! #Occupational

Avengers Assemble to go Home!

Hey everybody, check out this board that is right outside my suite. It has all the important information on precheckouts and checkouts. Be sure to read up on this in case you forgot something from the wing meeting. As always, if you have any questions or need anymore clarification, come see me! This could save you a lot of time and money come time to checkout!! #Knowledge

Computer Vision Syndrome

As the semester starts to come to a close, we are all trying to study hard, work on final projects, or taking some time time to relax. All three of these can result in looking at some sort of computer screen/tv screen. One thing to be aware of is Computer Vision Syndrome after spending some time on the computer/tv. So check out the board in between 402 and 404, and see the helpful tips on how to keep your eyes from falling victim to CVS and/or to tell the symptoms of it. #Health

Taste the World

Thanks to all who came out to our Taste the World FNC! At the event, we had delicacies from all the continents for everyone to expand their range of food they have tasted. In addition, there was also fun activities and facts to go along with each continent. People also one prized by going around and getting their passports stamped by each continent they went too and/or winning at playing a game of trivia! Overall great time, come out next year! #diversity/inclusion

What Kind of Studier Are You?

As finals is only a few weeks away, check out the new bulletin board on the wing! This new board has several types of studiers. Since finals is right around the corner, go ahead and put a tally next to which types that you identify as! I know I already did! #IdentityDeveloment

Cover Letter 101

As the summer is right around the corner and you’re pushing those final resumes through to potential employers, you might wonder how to make a cover letter for your resume. I know I would be. Plus the cover letter is the first thing an employer will see, so you want it to be the best cover letter you’ve ever written. We’ll wonder no longer! Check out the new bulletin board that has a bunch of useful tips on how to structure your next cover letter and land you your next job!! #Occupational