Hey 4 East,

As you may have noticed, we are going into this horrible time of year called Winter. It will get cold, snowy and down right miserable. However, I placed penguin door decs on your doors to tell you that even in the cold weather you can have fun. This can be inside drinking hot chocolate with friends, or it could be outside building a snowman. However you want to spend your time, just make sure you make the most of it and have fun. 🙂




Packer party!

Hey 4 east!

Today in the community room right now is a packer party! Come on down and hang out and cheer on the packers!! Hope to see you all there!

Hmong Thanksgiving

Last night a few of us attended hmong thanksgiving. It was a good experience to learn about a different culture and we even tried some new foods! Not all the food was enjoyed by all but it was still a good time.


Veterans day!

As you all may know, veterans day is this week! To show support for our veterans some of us wrote letters to them thanking them for their service. I think today will be the last day to participate in the lobby and I encourage you all to show your support!

Going Nuts!

Hey 4 east,

This month I decided to put up acorn door decs. They are fun simple and maybe they get you thinking about all of the local squirrels on campus that could possibly be students in their own little squirrel school!

Have a great weekend!