Boxes and Walls!

Hello again friends!

Don’t forget that Tuesday night from 6-8 pm is boxes and walls! It is a great program going on in our building and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to go. I will be around most of the night so I will be able to take whoever is interested through.


Hope to see you there! đŸ™‚




Not your grandmas knitting!

Hello 4 East,


Tomorrow night, a few of us will be going and learning how to knit here in the building! I believe that they are going to host it weekly instead of biweekly. This means we can all learn how to knit faster! The event is tomorrow at 8pm. If you are interested in going feel free to stop on by and we can all go together!


Have a good night đŸ™‚


A Shot of Information

Hey 4 East,

This month we decided to place a bulletin board about alcohol in the elevator bay. This is full of facts about alcohol and it is supposed to encourage us to continue to make good choices and be responsible while in the presence of alcohol.wp-1453325108834.jpg

Boxes and Walls

Hello 4 East,

On Tuesday, February 2nd, I will be taking a group of residents through the boxes and walls experience hosted in the building. It is an activity to learn about various types of oppression around the world and even in the Platteville community. I highly recommend attending this event and I will lead as many people who would like to go. This will be on the 2nd from 6-8pm and I will send out a reminder sometime next week as well. If you would like to go feel free to let me know.


Resolution Solution

Hey Friends,

To start off the semester I have put up a bulletin board on resolution solutions. This lists some of the most commonly failed new years resolutions and it gives tips to being successful with the resolutions you choose. I hope it can be very useful as we start off the new year and I hope you all can make it a good one.


Lava Lamps!

Hey 4 East!

I hope you all had an enjoyable break and are ready for a great semester. To start off out groovy semester I made lava lamp door decs. These will help you know who everyone is and hopefully connect you to some new friendly faces that have joined our wing. I cant wait to catch up with all of you about your break and I hope we can all start off strong to a very chilly spring semester.