Dollar Movie Night!

Last night a bunch of southwest hall residents went to Dollar movie night.  Most of us went to see deadpool, but there were a few who went to go see other movies. I thought that it was a very good movie and I was glad that we wall could experience it together



21 Ways to Love your Friends

Hello everyone,

I know it is a bit past valentines day…. but I decided to put up a board called 21 ways to love your friends. It has different ways to love your friends and make them feel good. These aren’t hard things to do, but they require you to put effort into your friendships.



Recycle pledge

As many of you know, a few RAs and I walked around the building last night passing out candy and asking people to take a recycle pledge. This pledge encourages people to recycle and if southwest gets the most pledges then we get a pizza party for the whole hall. If you have not filled out this pledge, I highly recommend you do so. Search recycle pledge on the platteville page and it should come up.

Random Acts of Kindness

This month in our elevator bay we have put up a Random Acts of Kindness bulletin board. This is full of random acts that you can do to others that are kind. I encourage all of you to go and check it out and work to make someones day. Maybe someone will make your day as well!


Pool Party

On Friday night Southwest Hall hosted a Pool Party at the PAC. It was a chilly night but we had all sorts of snacks and games for people to play. Thank you to everyone who came out to support this event. The FNC for this week is Cupcake Wars hosted by Dobson and Wilgus. If you can attend, it would be a good one to go to!


Waste Warrior Training!

Hello Friends,

Earlier this week I attended a waste warrior training event in the student center. I learned about all kinds of new ways to recycle on our very own campus. I didnt even know we had some of these programs in place. We now have a compost bin in the community room and you can take old batteries and cell phones to the student center and throw them in the bin. If you have any questions feel free to ask me and dont forget to support recyclemania!

Have a great day!


Chancellor Visit

Tonight, in the MPR, Chancellor Dennis Shields came to visit. He was able to answer many questions asked by the residents who attended and we had a few residents from 4 East attend this event. It was a great event to attend and some very good points were made. I hope we can all learn from this and make our future better!