Mocktails and Mosaics

On Tuesday Art professor Carole Spelic came into teach us about doing mosaics. It was a great time and I saw a bunch of cool designs being made. Students were able to take a break from exams and come do something fun and productive.



FNC Dance

On Friday night Southwest Hall, along with McGregor and Cooper, hosted its annual Friday Night Club Dance! This was a fun Grease themed event and I hope some of you were able to attend. I encourage you to attend more of these Friday Night Clubs in the future!

Napping 101

Hey Friends!

I decided to swap out our bulletin board for a new one about napping! It gives 5 different examples of napping and how they can help you in different ways. I hope this can help of us get more sleep and be well rested!



On Friday night, a couple of staff members and I hosted a camping event. Originally including a bonfire, but due to the poor weather we canceled the fire and made smores in the microwave. They were still very delicious! We then hung out in the MPR and watched movies and played games. It was a good time.