October Door Decs

Here are the brand new door decs for the month of October! I decided to mix two things many people are familiar with: NFL football and Breast Cancer awareness month. As some people may know they already share a partnership. Many people have a loved one or someone they know who has lost the fight with breast cancer, so I am sure people are appreciative of the awareness that has been set up. #Emotional


Birthday Celebration

After finding out about a homework cancelation, I decided to take the time to help Becca’s roommates prepare for her birthday celebration. We had a fun time cutting out letters and blowing up balloons. #Emotional

Horror Movie Night

To remind ourselves that there are more scary things than Mondays, we decided to have a horror movie night. We watched “The Woman in Black.” Nothing bonds people quite like horror movies when at any time something could pop out of the shadows. #Social

Insanity Workouts

Tuesday night a few of us RAs and my resident Pat engaged in an insanity workout. It was a cardio workout that emphasized the importance stretching, heavy lifting, and cardio vascular endurance. It was a stellar way to get in shape and learn a little about what is good for the human body. #health

Football Party

Sunday night Dilip, Damyn, as well as the help of other Resident Assistants and I set up a football party for the Packers Vikings game. We had a good time getting to know each other and cheer on our favorite team(s). Social


Friday Night Club

What better way to work out than to play some recess games. Last Friday Night Southwest Hall staff set up and played volleyball, four square and tossed the football around from 9-11PM. Aldo made a new friend, the praying mantis.