Pizza with Chancellor Shields

Last night Southwest Residents and RAs had the unique opportunity to talk and ask questions to Chancellor Dennis Shields. It was interesting to hear what is happening at the higher level of administration and how it affects us students. It was a great opportunity and I would like to learn more about UW- Platteville’s role in the UW system and how we can affect it. #knowledge


Breast Cancer Awareness Month Board

Along with the door decs for October I decided to add the Breast Cancer Awareness Board. This board contains facts and myths of Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer is something that directly and indirectly affects a large chunk of people in the U.S. and I am sure seeing a board dedicated to it makes them happy to see it. #Emotional

Pokemon Go Adventures

​My suitemate Pat and I decoded to go for a pokemon go walk earlier today. I showed him some of the neat parks and walk ways along the Rountree river. It was a good way to get the blood flowing and play a little pokemon in the meantime. #health

4th Floor Trivia

Look out for Alex Mines and I on the 4th floor elevator bay. We are hosting a low involvement trivia game that have prizes that range from candy, fruit snacks, and to pizza. We are asking questions that pertain to knowing your residents/RAs, in hall resources, and other general information about UW- Platteville. #Knowledge

Pioneer Football Game

This past weekend a few residents and I made our way down to the Platteville football game. It was a close contest against Whitewater that Platteville ended up losing in the final seconds. No matter the score, we had a good time talking and cheering on the ‘Needs. #Social