International Club Dinner

Last night Alex and I joined the International Club in the Southwest Hall MPR. We got to try different foods from around the world as well as got to meet and talk to students from every continent. It was nice to see different personalities and a taste of other people’s culture. #DiversityInclusion



I felt that most people in Southwest could relate to the all time great show, Simpsons. I felt that I should put down a few rules that either tend to be broken and/or aren’t well known to my residents. I thought this would be a great way to get information across while give my residents the feeling of nostalgia. #Knowledge

Cake Walk

Yesterday Southwest Hall staff put on the event cakewalk. It was a great way to spend time with friends and new people to win baked goods. The event was more meaningful considering all of the money went to Family Advocates. #aplacetobelong

November Door Decs

Walking to class I was admiring the fall weather and atmosphere. The leaves on the ground and the different colored trees. I decided to do some environmentally related door decs, inspired by Wisconsin’s beautiful fall outdoors. My hope is that my residents read the facts I have provided on my door decs and they act on them to help preserve our beautiful fall atmosphere. #environmental