Dinner with my residents

Tonight I went to stations to grab some dinner with Pat and Alex. We were excited to see that there was a bit more exiting choices to the menu besides pizza tonight. It was nice to talk about how the semester is winding down and how few months naps we have left. #aplacetobelong


Hall Closing Information

Next to my sign up sheet I put up a series of sheets of paper to make up my “board” for hall closing information. Even though residents have a general idea of what you need to do in order to check out/move out, it will give them a reminder as what to do. #Knowledge

Door Decs for Professors

Tonight some residents of the building got together in my room for some pizza & arts/crafts. It was a good way to relax from these waning weeks. It was also another good way to become more connected to the professors on campus as well. #FacultyImmersion

Holiday Ornaments

Tonight my resident Pat and I attended the event of Christmas ornament decorating and we made some ornaments that we thought would look great on the tree. After going through yet another rough week of school it is good to do some arts and crafts to ease the our stress levels. Thank gosh for the holidays! #emotional

December Board

For the month of December I decided to put up a board for the holidays. With finals coming up I figured it would be a good thing to put my residents in a good state of mind. With this board residents could make their own ornaments, stockings, and presents to put with the tree and fireplace. Also, I put a list of colors and what comes favorite color means to them with an “Elf” quote I think everyone would love. #IdentityDevelopment

Rainbow Grilled Cheese Dinner

Emily and Taylor did a great job hosting a rainbow colored grilled cheese dinner last night. In groups of three at a time we created different layers of cheese based on certain questions that make us unique in a certain way. The different color combination made each of us who we are. I was glad to see one of the larger turn outs for my residents at the event as well. #Diversity/Inclusion

Badger Game

Yesterday I had a gathering of friends from past years, residents, and other RAs and residents from different floors of the building to watch the Badgers play in the Big Ten championship game. It was rewarding for me and my friends to all meet and have a good time eating Alex’s beef & venison stew. #trifecta #social