May the force be with you

I thought that my residents could use a lift up and a chuckle on the way to class, so I made a decoration for the stairwell door. It says may the force be with you. It is a quote from my wing theme star wars and it more or less means good luck. #aplacetobelong


Star Wars Decs

With a great amount of help from Eva we completed the star wars- suite decorations. With the new star wars rougue one movie coming out over the break and the announcement of the new star wars movie it was a great idea to have a wing theme of star wars. 

Opening door decs

Who doesn’t like music? I thought having a music related door Dec would be something everyone could appreciate on my wing. Hopefully in our wing can be in perfect harmony this semester. #aplacetobelong

Dinner with residents

Tonight I went and got dinner with some of my residents, other residents in the building, Katie, Alex^2, and Damyn. We went to the Pioneer Has and discussed how classes are going and what events are coming up this semester. Some of us also stayed back at the PSC to play bingo for some free prizes. #social

First board of the Semester

For my first board I thought I would put up something everyone could relate to, caffeine. It helps us wake up for our 8am lectures and keeps us up the night before our big exam. I listed a few facts about coffee/caffeine so people would know its positives and some negatives about drinking too much of it.#health