March Madness Door Decs

March is here and that means March Madness! These door decs will pair up with the wing competition I am hosting this month. I am looking forward to what everyone has as an upset #aplacetobelong


Resume example board

Today I decided it was time for a new board and I created a board relating to job obtainment. With summer closer than you may think, it is time to look for jobs, co-ops, and internships. I put a blown up example of mine with pictures on how to set up a resume and what is important to put on them. #occupational

Cash me in the pac

Last night we held our FNC in the PAC and played a collection of backyard, schoolyard, sports games. I ran the dodgeball event and we had at least 50 people playing during the max. When I had the chance I went around to all of the different areas to see how they were going and they seemed to go well. As a staff we did a great job to market this event and provide enthusiasm during it as well. #health


Wednesday night we decided to hold a movie night alongside suite forum. It was a great idea brought up by staff to hold it in the lobby to bring in passing students. This is an idea I will work off of in the future. #social

General Information Board

Every once in awhile I will have a resident come up to me with question. As a result I made a board they can look to when it comes to the simpler questions like desk hours, meal times, etc. I figured it would be easier for them to find out the answer while walking in the hallway when I may not be around. #knowledge

Nature Walk

Some of my residents and I took a little walk today before dinner to enjoy the weather while it lasts until this weekend. Spring time is always the best way to keep positive because you know that sunnier days are always ahead. #health


Sunday night we enjoyed listening and interacting with the motivational speaker, Monti Washington. He was one of the best speakers I have ever experienced. He was lively, got a lot of people involved in his act and did a great job relating to everyone. He did a good job drawing our attention by making us laugh and then relayed his message to us afterwards. He related his topics toward being successful in life and setting goals for yourself. #identitydevelopment