LOTR/Hobbit Marathon

Last week Emily, Ari, and I put on the Lord of the Rings Marathon in the MPR. We had several people come to each movie and had some great movie chat as we watched the classic epic quest to save Middle Earth. #social


Stand up Saturday

Yesterday, Pat, his girlfriend and I went to the PSC to grab some food at the Haus as well as catch some of the stand-up comedy show. I munched on my fries and enjoyed getting to know Bri and the general atmosphere. My lacrosse teammate Brian joined us as well. Its always a great feeling when you can help create bonds of friendship. #social

Taste of Asia

Today Alex Watson, Alex G. and I went to the event taste of Asia. They had some delicious food to enjoy as well as some not so common Asian desserts to try. It was a unique experience to try some of the food and talk about Asian culture. #diversityinclusion

Birthday Calender

Over the past three quarters of a year I have been working on the birthday calendar seen in the main hallway in the lobby of Southwest. I write names down on a cut-out birthday cake and attach it to the calendar on the wall. It is a good way to make sure everyone feels recognized in the hall. #aplacetobelong