Door decs for May

My last set of door decs were my Milwaukee Brewer ones I had from the beginning of the year. One thing I think of during the summertime is baseball and nothing says baseball better than some sweet new brewers logos! #aplacetobelong


Hallway board- holidays

Our most recent elevator at board for 4th floor was the holiday board. I put up various holidays celebrated around the world. These holidays show the significance of their countries culture and what their values are. I certainly learned a thing or two putting this board up. #diversityinclusion

Taste of the world

Last night the RA team and I helped put on an event where all of the floors of the building represented continents of the world. Robyn’s and my floor was Europe. We made scones, pretzels, and croissants. #diversityinclusion 

April board

This month I created a board, to let people see the brighter side of things. It has been rainy as of late and an “April Showers Bring May Flowers” board will help people see that some of the more negative things right now will help them in the future. #emotional 

Intramural football

Tonight we started our first game of football for intramurals. It started off as a close loss, but we realized what we had to work on and will improve until the end of the year. What a great way to work the mind and body. #health

April door decsĀ 

For the month of April I paired up by board with my door decs. Flowers are a good way to spruce up the door and add some color. This also gets people excited for plant growth and better weather ahead. #aplacetobelong

LOTR/Hobbit Marathon

Last week Emily, Ari, and I put on the Lord of the Rings Marathon in the MPR. We had several people come to each movie and had some great movie chat as we watched the classic epic quest to save Middle Earth. #social