Bucks Game with Coach Gard!

Thanks to all who came down to watch the Buck’s game with Coach Gard and ask him questions about basketball. Coach Gard is the coach of the UW-Platteville Men’s Basketball team. We all had a good time and got some insight on what is going through his head during a game and how he and the team will make decisions out on the court. Overall great program! #FacultyImmersion


Why Can’t We All Get Along?

Here’s a new board that was put up at the beginning of the wing by the elevators. This board is about how to get along with your roommates and/or suite-mates. There is plenty of good tips to handle each other when problems arise and how to accept each other’s differences. One thing to learn from this all is that you may not make a new best friend, but you all still have to live with each other and make the best of things. This board has great tips on how to live with each other. #Knowledge

Fortnite Night!

Thanks to all who came out last night to Fortnite night! It was tons of fun! There was a wide range of experience levels playing and beginners were encouraged to play! There was also three different platforms to play on to be more diverse in the system you’d prefer. There was Xbox one, PS4, and PC! Overall fun night! #Diversity/Inclusion

Pot of Gold Door Decs

Check out these new St. Patrick’s Day door decs! Have you ever wondered what you would do with a pot of gold you found at the base of a rainbow? I always have, so write it in on your door decs to share with everyone else what you would do with a pot of gold! #IdentityDevelopment

Movie Night!

Thanks to all that came out! We made a movie change from Guardians of the Galaxy to Thor:Ragnorok. Pretty good time! A good way to spend the Monday evening with a more comical Marvel movie! #Emotional

Studying and Pizza!

This evening DJ from first hosted an awesome event in the MPR! This evening we studied while eating our very own personal pizzas! Can’t get any better than that! Thanks to all who came down to enjoy the nice treat and even better quality time getting some good studying done! #Knowledge

Life Advice from The Office

Check out the new board in the elevator bay on 4th floor! This board has great advice as seen through the popular tv show The Office that can be related to most college students. College is a time that we all are trying to figure out life. At that can quickly become very overwhelming. However taking a look at this board can bring the perfect amount of comedy and all seriousness to helping figure out how to go about life. #Emotional