Root Beer Float Social!

Sorry for anyone that missed out on the Root Beer float social that followed the wing meeting today. The root beer floats were pretty good. We even had Mountain Lightning, Dr. Thunder, and Cream Soda floats. It was a great time and thank you to all those who came and talked for a little while. If you missed out, I will be serving them again during the quiet study space program in the MPR this Saturday from 1pm-4pm. #APlacetoBelong


Birthday Door Decs

Every month, check out the calendar down in the main hallway in the lobby for your birthday door dec! We put them up each month and feel free to take yours when you birthday comes up and display it on your door. Or wait until the end of the month and pick it up then! #APlacetoBelong

BDay Board

December Holidays Around the World

Check out this festive bulletin board that is located in the middle of the wing. This board includes a few different holidays from all around the world with some interesting things to go with each holiday to fill you in about what different people celebrate in December. #Diversity/Inclusion

December Holidays

Erase the Stigma of Mental Illness

Check out the new bulletin board in the elevator bay on 4th floor. This board’s goal is to erase the stigma of mental illness that looms over mental illness. On this board there are several myths and the facts that debunk those myths. In addition, to show that you never know who has a mental illness, there are several famous people who have a mental illness displayed on the board. So lets erase the stigma of mental illness!! #Knowledge

Mental Illness BB

Ways to Succeed During Finals Week

Come check out the new bulletin board on the wing for the end of the semester. Here you can find great professional advice from professors of different majors who shared their beliefs on how to prepare for finals week. We have good advice from the Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Physics, and Math Departments. All these pieces of advice can be applied to all disciplines. Give it a good look over and maybe take something away from these professors on how to prepare for finals. #FacultyImmersion

finals BB