Don’t Get Super Smashed Bro!

Check out this new bulletin board! There you can learn some facts that go with common myths about alcohol in an awesome Super Smash Bros theme! Be sure to check it out!! #Knowledge



Career Fair Tips!

In light of the career fair this week, check out the poster in the hall by the lounge. This poster has some great tips on being professional while at the career fair and how to prepare yourself before going to the fair. Check out the Career Fair this week! #occupational

Careere Fair Tips

Hakuna Matata

As the year starts to get underway and every ones first exams are starting to come up, check out the new bulletin board in the elevator lobby. This board has 5 good tips on how to stay stress free while the work load starts to build up while having the title “Hakuna Matata”. This means no worries for the rest of your days. #Emotional


Astonishment Show with Mat LaVore!

CPR event 9911

Had an awesome time with fellow Southwest hall staff and residents with a night of magic and astonishment. Mat LaVore puts on a show with magic, hypnotism, and mind reading. It was amazing seeing him able to guess what people were thinking and get people to forget their own names! Next week is comedy night, hope to see everyone there! #APlacetoBelong


Opening Door Decs

Since this years theme for Southwest Hall is state fair, and the 4th floor theme is rides, the opening door decs are UWP color themed bumper cars. This will hopefully make for an interesting way to help everyone get to know each others name on the wing. Looking forward to great a great year with all of you! #APlacetoBelong

door decs 4 east 1